Print Pricing

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We keep your cost down through communication of your needs. TELL US what your budget is and WHAT you are trying to accomplish, so we can give the best cost possible. Letting us know what you are doing helps us determine the best cost-saving solutions.

If you want garment pricing, there are certain guidelines that ALL printers use. We will explain them to you so you make the right decision, and SAVE MONEY! Whether you need graphic design and screen printing for business cards or signs, contact our highly qualified team.

If you need signage, there is a cost-cutting formula we can give so you do not overspend from initial concept and budget. If you need promotional products, our experts at Precision Screen Printing, Inc. can tell you how to design so you can be UNDER budget and get fast service.

We work with many, many folks who have their own business and want to add printing to their product so they can sell to a larger marketplace. We price so you can mark up your designs and still achieve a positive profit.

Let us at Precision Screen Printing, Inc. serve you!

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